95 Pickup wiper motor removal and TS

  • 1995 NISSAN

This should be trivial but I'm new to Nissan. The wiper motor assembly is apparently secured to the wiper linkage by a "stop ring", as the Haynes manaual calls it. This "stop ring" is translucent plactic and looks a lot like a small bowl in reverse. Can anyone please tell me the correct way to remove this "stop ring"? Or, is this plastic bit just a cover for the "stop ring"? It's hard to reach and thus hard to figure this out.
BTW: wiper symptoms are that the wipers are "dead". During troubleshooting I found that the motor runs when 12VDC is connected across the 2 dark colored (of the 3) motor wires, but not when one leg is applied to the red wire (of the 3).
I don't have a diagram of the internal motor wiring, but I suspect that the red leg is a tap on the windings (and may be open). Any input on this is welcome, as would be diagrams of the wiper motor and/or control circuit.
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Friday, April 28th, 2006 AT 9:02 PM

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