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Hello Bob and Ken,
My car has about 64,000 miles, original owner. It runs great mechanically. My problem is that recently the interior lights, alarm sys, home remote on visor, and the pwr door locks went out when engine is off. When the engine is on, only the door lks activate. Also there is a dim door sensor light that shows up in the instrument panel. When I depress the interior light switch or home remote on visor, which do not activate at all, the door sensor brightens up in the instrument panel. I've checked the fuses and all checked ok. Could it be the ECM or BCM? Do I need to disconnect the battery terminals and wait, then connect so it can boot up its memory? How can I remedy this problem? Also my air bag sensor light is activated as well. Does this problem need to be reprogrammed as well as the ECM or BCM? I would appreciate your advise to this minor ordeal.
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Saturday, September 9th, 2006 AT 5:39 AM

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This problem just happend to my 01 maxima SE. The door open light is dim and the door lights won't go off. The dome light goes off so I think the door switches are fine. I pulled off the battery and reset everything and it worked for one road test. Then it happened again.
Have you found a solution to this problem? Or did you just pull the fuse and deal with manual locks?
And also have you seen anywhere that sales an aftermarket BCM for a 2001 maxima? I've only seen 04's.

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 AT 2:02 AM

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