1995 Nissan Sentra Idle Surge/Hesitation

  • 1995 NISSAN

Make: Nissan
Model: Sentra (GXE)
Year: 1995
Mileage: 132,000

My 1995 Nissan Sentra (1.6 L) experiences an idle surge problem. Had the sparks/plugs, distributor cap, Idle Air Control Motor, routers, and fuel filter and mass air flow sensor changed; throttle taken off and cleaned all carbon build up with throttle cleaning spray. Ran BG-44 followed by Techron in the fuel to clean the fuel injectors. Just cleaned out the distributor cap yesterday and the idle surges just slightly (in traffic) from 1000 RPM to 500 rpm. A mechanic said it is a bad distributor. Ran codes on the car and nothing comes up. Another mechanic said it may be a clogged EGR valve. The car tends to hunt for its idle upon starting the car.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this problem?

Where is the EGR valve located in a 1995 Nissan sentra?

Optional Information:
1995 Nissan Sentra 1.6 L

Already Tried:
Changing sparks and plugs, router and distributor cap, replaced the Idle Air Control Valve, ran fuel injector additives to clean injectors, had fuel filter and Mass Air Flow replaced; cleaning throttle.

Other details:

- A mechanic checked for vacuum leaks and did not find one. He said he cleaned the distributor 2 days ago, the car ran fine. But the next day, my Nissan started idle surging slightly (between 500 rpm to 1000 rpm) in traffic. No codes are registering (per this mechanic) and there has not been a "check engine" light on.

- The surge is slight and occurs in traffic after the car has heated up (sometimes there is a brief hesitation accelerating at 50 mph +). Thanks.

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, September 21st, 2006 AT 1:20 PM

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