1987 Other Nissan Models 87 Stanza quits running for 2-10 mi

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Engine Mechanical problem
1987 Other Nissan Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 161000 miles

I have a 87 nissan stanza the car runs great then sometimes it will just die while driving. Some times it will begin to run again before stopping other times it won't. Usually after sitting for a few minutes it will fire right up and run fine. Car will run great again from anywhere from 1 day to several months before it happens again. I can hear the fuel pump when it is stalled when turning the key on but still won't start. I don't know if this is a computer, fuel, or a spark problem. I have replaced the MAF, TPS, timing belt, cap and roter, and fuel filter in the last year. This is really hard to diagnose because it is so intermittent.

Do you
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Thursday, July 17th, 2008 AT 11:09 AM

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