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Transmission problem
1986 Other Nissan Models Front Wheel Drive Manual 103000 miles

It all started last night when I noticed the car wouldnt switch gears if the car was started. So I'd shift then start the car and be good to go, because it would shift in movement but not at a complete stop. Well today I get in and notice that the clutch pedal goes to the floor with absolutely no resistance, and again wouldnt shift with the engine going. But today it did something strange, it would like I guess gasp for air kind of when I had it shifted then tried to start. I had to shift into gear then turn the key and hold the key all the way forward and try and drive. Once it caught momentum i'd be good. But then the pedal would be to the floor and would now shift with out the clutch pedal at all. I could just drive and shift. Now it wont even start, which Im sure is because its out of gas because the car had very little gas in it and do to all the stress Im sure it sucked what little it had up. I bought the car a year ago and have had to do no serious work to it besides replacing a rear window and 6 tires (the valve stems were shot so they'd just go complete flat and once I drove the 4 blocks to the gas station for air I'd aleady destroyed the tire). Please help me, I dont make enough money to really get anything fixed and if I have to get another car Ill be using my boots, because they were made for walking

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 AT 2:13 PM

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