2004 Nissan Murano



September, 10, 2009 AT 11:12 PM

Transmission problem
2004 Nissan Murano All Wheel Drive Automatic

Good Evening All,

Any opinions on the following matter would be greatly appreciated.
I drive a 2004 Nissan Murano that I bought used earlier this year (at 90,000 km at the time). A transmission specialist recently had a look at my transmission (for an unrelated issue) and noted a crack in the shift lever. I�ve attached a photo.

I�ve been advised by the transmission guy that there are three options:

1)Replace the entire transmission. Apparently, because it is internal to the transmission, the shift lever is not a part that is sold separately and the entire transmission would have to be replaced . This solution will cost me somewhere in the vicinity of $3000.

2) Weld the crack on the shift lever. This will cost me nothing and will buy me some time before the shift lever fails.

3) Do nothing and hope it holds out for a long time.

If there�s anybody out there who has had a similar experience, or can just offer a bit of advice, please do not hesitate to pass on your thoughts.



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