No-spark condition on Maxima


This one is driving me nuts (and I don't have to be driven)! 85 or 86 Nissan Maxima (how do you tell?) 212 K + miles. It got warm but not overheated, change the water pump, thermostat and timing belt. That has nothing (I think) to do with my present problem. I'm getting no spark whatsoever! The only part I have changed so far is the distributor (used). The coil shows 1.1 ohms resistance on the primary and 10,210 on the secondary (close to specs of 1.0 and 10K). I have pulled the distributor and checked for pulses, heard the injectors hiss but am getting nothing to the coil. Odd thing, the voltage check on the reference wires never went to zero like the manual said they should. I have a good ground to the distributor. I did all these tests on the old distributor and checked the power transistor against one somebody gave me and they check out the same (.3 resistance on two pins). The engine spins fine so no issues with the timing belt (valve wise). Hand spinning indicates excellent compression! Did have a creature gnaw some wires related to the clutch and heater as it sat for 6 mos. Dont know if errant voltages fried anything or not. Sorry about the dissertation, but I want to give you all the things I know of for the most accurate diagnosis. Anything you can eliminate will help. Will check for power to the coil next.

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, June 25th, 2006 AT 3:41 PM

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