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1991 Nissan Maxima, GXE, 135,000 miles. Had rear brakes repaired (newshoes, drums and both rear wheel cylinders replaced). After repair, there was excessive vibration in the steering wheel and vehicle while braking. Returned immediately and was told it must need front brakes. Had front calipers and pads replaced and rotors resurfaced. Vibration and shaking continued. Drove approx. 250 miles, then took car to Nissan dealership. Analysis: Rear drums out-of-round, front rotors at minimum spec. And no hardware kit installed. Had drums turned where originally installed, and was told the kit was there. This fixed vibration problem, but now have a loud thud/knock sound when letting foot off the brake. Help!

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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006 AT 2:17 PM

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