1985 Datsun 710 combination headlight switch?

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  • 1985 DATSUN 710

Electrical problem
1985 Datsun 710 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 200k+ miles

85 nissan p/u. Started week ago. Runs great until you try to turn on headlights on. First they won't come on but the tails and turn signals will. But turning on the lights causes the engine to die and can only be kept running by revving the engine. Now if that's not enough to blow you're mind. The tails and turn signals go off when the engine shuts off, even with the key on. It's driving me crazy, (but not at night, lol)It has a combo headlights, turn signal dimmer and wiper switch on column, which is my first thought, but could a relay under the dash be bad? Combo switch is about $120 and I want too be sure before I sink that into my old work truck. I appreciate any ideas that may save what my sanity I have left. Thanx

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have the same problem?
Thursday, November 11th, 2010 AT 9:55 AM

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