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Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Nissan Armada V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 115, 00 miles

I have read that others have had the same question. The engine cuts out while trying to accelerate. Seems the engine is not getting fuel. Pull over and let it sit while engine off for a few minutes and then it will run fine for a little while until it happens again. I know on the 05 models that the fuel filter is inside the fuel tank. Are there known issues with this problem and is there a fix?

Sunday, August 30th, 2009 AT 7:47 AM

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Most common is the fuel pump
and need to be replaced
this is the TSB
check it out
and good luck

2004 - 2007 armada
low power with wide open throttle and stalling

Low fuel pressure may cause DTCs to be detected. If you have DTCs with this incident, first replace the fuel pump and then recheck the DTC diagnosis

Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the engine (special tool kit J-44321 or equivalent).
Follow all instructions under " Fuel Pressure Check" in Section EC of the Service Manual for connecting the fuel pressure gauge.
Look at the fuel pressure while performing a transmission " Stall Test".
The Stall Test 10 minute warm up is not needed for this Service Procedrue.
Follow all other instructions for performing the Stall Test under " Inspections Before Trouble Diagnosis" in Section AT of the Service Manual.
CAUTION: Do not hold down the accelerator pedal for more than 5 seconds while performing the Stall Test.

Fuel pressure is NG if it drops below 45 psi during the Stall Test.
If the fuel pressure is OK, this bulletin does not apply. Return to ASIST for further diagnosis and repair information.
If the fuel pressure is NG, go to step 3.
Replace the fuel pump.

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 AT 7:59 AM

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