2004 Nissan Armada Truck stutters then recently stopped


2004 Nissan Armada Two Wheel Drive Automatic 65000 miles

About a week ago Im in one lane of traffic due to construction. When the flow starts to pick up, I attempted to go but the car would barely move then stopped moving altogether. At this point, the gas pedal is to the floor but nothing, the car won't budge. Weird thing is, no dash lights came on and the car never actually cut off. After about 10 mins, I turned the car off (left it one because it was hot and the air conditioner was on, though I soon realized that it was no longer blowing cold air. So Im sitting there waiting on a tow and the police to direct traffick, I turn the car back on, push the pedal and it goes just fine. It has been stuttering for about 2 weeks now but first time something like this has happened. So Im freaked now and didnt drive the car anymore, until yesterday. This time, nothing happened but the 'supplemental air bag' light stays on. Ive asked a hundred people but everyone says since no light came on when it actually lost power, they have no way of knowing and to research all possibilities will cost an arm and a knee cap. I just got a new job starting Monday and the last thing I need is to not show up because of mechanical problems. Anyone had this happened to them? Any suggestions, advice, Auto Zone recommedations that can spare my depleting bank account but keep me on the road?

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Friday, April 2nd, 2010 AT 6:03 PM

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