2004 Nissan Armada



April, 9, 2010 AT 8:21 PM

Engine Performance problem
2004 Nissan Armada V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 88000 miles

Recently my vehicle has started to sputter while accelerating. I've got the 5.6 v8 with a nismo cold air intake. While I accelerate the enigine revs up to about 3000rpm and shakes because it won't go any higher. It makes a vuuu vuuuu vuuu noise and speed slows down. It has even died on me twice, with backfire noises. The service engine soon light has come on once with a p0102 code. That code relates to the MAF sensor, But the light went right off. I have noticed that if I have a full tank it doesn't do it. When I have less than a quarter tank it is at it's worst. I just moved out of state and I'm affraid to take it somewhere. I just had the oil changed. I don't know if I should spend the couple hundred for a new MAF sensor or if it is something more serious and take it in for a major repair. Please help


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