Noises from 98 Nissan Altima



I bought this 98 nissan altima 4 months ago. ( Feb 2007 ) and it has manual transmission.
Mileage -- 93 K ( Feb ) and now 98 K (June)
Engine Size = 2.4 L

I have three issues :-

1) When I turn ( specially while turning left ), I hear a distinct
clunk below my foot on the floor. When I take a very nice slow
smooth turn it might not happen. However, when I make a sudden
turn this mostly ( may be always) happens.

I believe I hear the same sound when the car passes over bumps.
I have had problems with bumps for past 2-3 months.
I dont know if these two have the same cause.

Are these two related? Can I do some small minor checks to help
diagnose the problem.

2) When I break, specially when I come to halt from 40 mph to 0
I always hear a grinding kind of pulsating noise and sometimes
hear a squeaking noise. Do I need to get my break pads changed?

3) When I am going in 2nd or 3rd gear ( i.E. A low speeds ) when I
just remove my leg off the accelerator pedal Or when I begin slightly
pressing the accelerator pedal, I sometimes get a jerk. I have
never experienced this in the 4th and 5th gears. Is this a
serious issue?

While I bought it I knew there was a leak in the steering
pump which was supposedly fixed. Are any of these problems
related to this.

If possible please give me an idea of how much it might cost me
to fix these problems.


Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 AT 2:10 PM

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