Nissan Altima


Chris michaels

February, 17, 2007 AT 8:24 PM

I have a 1998 nissan altima. I brought the car and noticed that there was a roar coming from the front passenger side tire area. I noticed that the cv boot was torn so I replaced it. Prior to removing the cv joint when I raised the car I grabbed the tire and it shook slight without me removing the lug nuts. After I replaced the cv Joint I tightend everything down and the tire still shaked while it is bolted, not alot but enough to cause the roaring abd make the front end shake. I don't know if it is the tie rod end, the ball joints or what. Can someone please help me!
also how do you removethe rear brake drum in order to change the brake shoes?


1 Answer


kin chan

February, 22, 2007 AT 10:04 PM

Soundslike a wheelbearing worn out. Rear shoe removal & installation procedure is under maual section on this web. Good luck

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