1998 Mitsubishi Shogun Won't start

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Electrical problem
1998 Mitsubishi Shogun V8 Four Wheel Drive Manual 167000 miles

I, m sorry if this is not the right place to direct this query but here goes. I have a 98 2800 diesel Turbo Intercooler Mitsu Shogun. Since it's got cold it doesn't want to start anymore. It turns over. My old man had a mechanic call out who started it straight away by hooking the red lead of his "booster" to what appeared to be the red lead of the spark plug (?) Thus bypassing something or other. He said it could either be the coil (but unlikely as he managed to get it going with a positive booster lead to one of the four options presumably leading to the coil), it's not the fuse as it looks great and the car started straight away after it was turned off after a warmup but no dice this morning. I have a pretty feeble booster and connected it to one of these famose red cable joints. No go. The I tried it direct from the battery of my pertrol car, still no go, does the black lead maybe need to be attached to earth. I know the cold has an affect but even though I need to get it fixed, any ideas on how I can get it running so that I can at least get it to a garage? I feel such a wolly as he did it in a second. Could it be that his booster was more heavy duty than mine, if so why didn't my revved up ungine do the trich Gratefully your, Conor

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 AT 7:12 AM

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