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I have a 93 3000gt vr4. I was driving on the interstate with the cruise control on; When I was getting onto an exit (onto another highway), I tapped the brakes to disengage the cruise control. Nothing happened. The master cruise switch did nothing. I ended up pressing the clutch to coast to a stop on the side of the road. Unfortunately, I didn't turn the engine "off" while doing this, so my transmission was bouncing off redline the entire time. I was mostly grateful to be alive at the point however. Once I was safely stopped, I was able to detach the cruise control cable, and then the car started normally. It idles normally, however it does not move. The clutch feels normal, it shifts normally, with no grinding. I checked all the fluid levels, and everything seems normal. I'm about to take it into the shop - just wondering if perhaps you could provide some insight into what the issue might be. Is my clutch just completely toast? Thanks!

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Sunday, April 30th, 2006 AT 12:45 AM

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