2002 Mitsubishi Montero RV Meter

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 72,700 MILES
How do I reset the Driving Range display so that it reads properly (407 (+/-) with a full tank instead of 92?

Also, the RV meter was subjected to a magnetic field resulting in the compass not indicating properly. Is it possible to degauss it so that the compass might work again?
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Hello and thanks for donating

there is actually a technical service bulletin (TSB) on your vehicle's RV meter. Details are below.

No: TSB-04-54-008

DATE: December, 2004

MODEL: 2001-03 Montero



Background Information

The RV meter will not display the outside temperature if communications between the A/C control unit and RV meter are disrupted due to low battery voltage. If this occurs, three dash lines will display instead of the temperature reading.


Batteries that have been discharged or have low voltage during cranking may cause RV meter display problems.


Check the battery voltage, then reset the RV meter as described in this bulletin. If the outside temperature continues to display incorrectly after ensuring the battery is good and resetting the RV meter, follow the RV meter troubleshooting steps in Group 54A of the appropriate service manual.

NOTE: Compass calibration and variance adjustment must be done after resetting the RV meter, as described in this bulletin.

2001-03 Montero


1. Check the battery voltage, using a Midtronics Battery Tester or equivalent. Recharge or replace battery as necessary.

2. Reset the RV meter as follows:

NOTE: The RV meter is reset by using the following "system-connection-check" procedure. Use this procedure to reset the RV meter if the connection information is lost, if there are any display errors, or if any RV meter information fails to display.

A. With the key in the OFF position, push and hold the "DISP" button.

B. While continuing to hold down the "DISP" button, turn the ignition switch to ACC position. Keep holding the "DISP" button until you hear a beep tone which will last for about 10 seconds. You should then see the display shown.

C. Turn the ignition key to the ON position to start the system-connection-check.

D. Wait for approximately 8 seconds. The system will give a beep signal. When the connection is completed, this message will display.

3. Calibrate the compass as follows:

a. If the compass requires manual calibration, the "Need to calibrate the compass" message will appear on the display for about 7 seconds and the direction indicator will blink. Press the CAL COMP function button within 7 seconds.

B. Confirm this screen then follow the on-screen instructions.

C. Drive the vehicle slowly through a 360 turn in either direction in a safe, open space with no other vehicles or buildings around. This will automatically complete the adjustment, calibrating the compass to the correct azimuth.

D. After driving in circles, the adjustment completes automatically, and this message displays verifying completion of adjustment.

NOTE: The compass can only be adjusted at speeds of less than 2 mph (3 km/h).

The display may sometimes show the adjustment completion message when the vehicle begins to turn but then returns to showing the original compass direction. In this case, the compass has not adjusted itself correctly. Make sure to turn the vehicle completely through a 360 turn.

4. Adjust the RV meter compass variance as follows:

NOTE: Compass variance is the difference between the earth's magnetic north and true geographic north. If not adjusted to account for compass variance, the compass could give false readings.

A. Press the "ADJ" button.

B. Find your current geographic location and the correct corresponding zone number on the zone map.

C. Press either the "<"or ">" function button until the correct zone number appears in the display.

NOTE: Pressing either the "<" or ">" function button for more than one second will cause fast forwarding/reversing of the zone numbers.

D. When the compass variance is set, press the "ADJ" button.

5. Check the RV meter outside temperature display. The outside temperature should display correctly.

A. If the outside temperature continues to display incorrectly, follow the RV meter troubleshooting steps in Group 54A of the appropriate service manual.


Unless the RV meter and/or the battery is found to be defective (and are still under warranty), no warranty claims may be submitted for this condition.

For vehicles in dealer inventory, battery maintenance is the dealers's responsibility and a key component of the VIMS program (Vehicle Instock Maintenance System). Customer-owned vehicles with a low battery charge condition are considered to be a customer-pay responsibility. Dealers may want to elect to re-charge a customer's battery as a courtesy gesture while discussing the customer's driving habits that may have led to the low-charge condition, as well taking into account the age of the battery and test results to determine if purchasing a new battery may be a better solution.

Note: Defective Displays are a required EXCHANGE item and may not be replaced from dealer stock. Please consult your WPPM or WB 2001-014 for display exchange procedures. Displays replaced from dealer stock will be charged back.
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