Misfire, Dies at Idle, Red hot exhaust line

  • 2002 FORD FOCUS

Car had a cracked coolant bypass flange and coolant spewed everywhere under the hood and started overheating, but was shut off. We replaced the part and took the car to a carwash to rinse the coolant off. We left the engine running at the carwash and also didn't have the water on high pressure. After that the car ran like crap and then died in the middle of the road. It misfires, dies immediately at idle, the ehaust pipe near the engine got red hot (looked like it was on fire). There was a lot of water in with the spark plugs so we removed the water and then replaced the spark plugs but it still ran bad. Today it is running worse and won't start and the engine is clanking when the car does start. Not quite sure what the problem would be.

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Monday, July 1st, 2013 AT 8:38 AM

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You probably got the coils wet as well as wires and now water is interfering with electrical. Check to make sure everything is dried out.

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Monday, July 1st, 2013 AT 9:32 AM

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