Intermittent Idle Problem


I have a 2007 mini cooper (non-turbo version). I'm having an intermittent idle problem. It has only occurred four times in 4.5 months of owning the car. When the problem does occur it is usually on a day when I'm running lots of errands and on my third or fourth stop in several short trips. When I start the car the idle goes wild oscillating between 400 and 1000 rpm like it doesn't know where to idle. The car can be driven and has normal power, you just have to keep the idle up manually with your foot. Of course it will cut off when coming to a stop using the clutch and brake. Cutting the car off, removing the key fob (killing power to the engine) and restarting the car clears the problem. In every instance the next time the car was started, sometimes within a couple of minutes the car was fine and acted like nothing was ever wrong. In all instances the computer did not record any fault codes for diagnoses. Also I usually drive with the ac off. I'm at my wits end with this as of course it won't repeat with the dealer. He kept it a week driving it daily and nothing happened. They seem reluctant to diagnose the problem based on the description and replace most likely parts. Their answer was to drive it to failure. Any advice you have would be appreciated.

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 AT 5:54 AM

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