2003 Mini Cooper


mini red

July, 19, 2009 AT 7:51 AM

Computer problem
2003 Mini Cooper Four Wheel Drive Manual

recently, my car auto open roof and window after i lock the security.

when i leave my car , then i do the normal locking, but i find out the roof and 2 windows door opened, not open alll, around each down 8 cm in each window.

it happended 3 times..not everytimes...after i locked the security, but u dont know when will be happen.

is it because is hot weather? but not sure when will open after the security locked, i tired 1 time to stand in front of car to see when it will open...but wait around 10 mins still not i dont know when will happen this strange things.

i ask many ppl, no one no this problem.

can u help?


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