Transmission galore


I have a 1993 tracer wagon, when I purchased the car the owner had replaced the engine they said about 4,000 miles prior ( I guessed it was closer to ten). I had driven the car about 5000 miles when the transmission went out. Things happen, no big deal. My brother replaced the trans with one from the salvage yard, it lasted about 3000 miles, he replace it again. It went out burnt out in about 3000 miles. This time I took it to another mechanic (my brother threatened to burn it) who noticed the fluid was black like it had been used for years. He replaced the trans again. I realize there is room for bad luck, but this trans only lasted about 2500 miles. If the milages were not so close, I would be more inclined to belief they were bad tranny's, but am I missing something. Putting a rebuild in at this time will make a $1000 car valued at almost $4000. Help?

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007 AT 9:29 PM

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