1995 Mercury Tracer


1995 Mercury Tracer Trio 1.9L SEFI, mileage almost 155,000, manual transaxle, front wheel drive. I believe this is a non-interference engine, correct? I bought car 1/2001 at 65,000+ miles. Car has had regular oil & filter changes, including air filters, & battery replaced once. Timing belt, cam & crank seals replaced at 94,103 miles 11/2001. At 154,650 miles, car started sputtering slightly, reminding me of a trash-in-line/bad-gas problem. I kept driving the car trying to determine what the problem was, sputtering worsened until it would hesitate pretty badly while accelerating on take-off. Later, I was backing out of my driveway and noticed a red warning light that read either ‘service engine soon’ or ‘check engine soon’, which I believe it was the former. About 10 - 15 miles later, the car stalled. I towed it home, and since the fuel pump was engaging when turning the ignition switch on, I changed the fuel filter, plugs & wires, but my car still did not start, just turning over. I am getting fire, and the compression is good. The timing belt is not broke, but it is not turning the camshaft sprocket. Is this the timing belt slipping? Due to health problems & having a second vehicle to drive, the car has now been ‘sitting’ on its 14th month. Could a code 116 - “Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor reading either too high or too low” cause the car to not start? I’m about to have the car towed to a shop, and since it has been sitting up for so long, should I also replace the water pump, accessory belt, and flush the radiator too, along with the timing belt replacement? If so, does a total price of $558.02 sound like a good deal to have the car towed, timing belt replaced, water pump replaced, accessory belt replaced, & radiator flushed. Could it ‘sitting up’ for so long make my problems worse, besides rusting pulleys and spider-webs? Will the gas tank be rusty? Thanks for your time!

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 AT 4:31 PM

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