1.6, AUTO,124000 MILES

1989 Mercury Tracer



May, 7, 2007 AT 6:01 PM

I bought this car and drove it to a mechanic to have it checked out, it had been sitting for about two years. It ran fine taking it there and the mechanic checked it over and said the only thing he could find wrong, was the front passenger seat belt would not pull out. I told him to go ahead and fix it, he called me back and said it needed to be replaced but when he went to start the car to move it out of his shop it would not start, he said he traced it to the computer brain so I got a different one at a junk yard and put it in. The car turns over, has spark and is getting gas but won't start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


1 Answer



May, 8, 2007 AT 10:05 AM

3 thingd neede to run Gas spark and Compression, run a compression test!

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