1999 Mercury Station Wagon Thought it may be battery, start


Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Mercury Station Wagon 6 cyl Automatic 109000 miles

I own a 1999 Mercury Sable wagon a few days ago when I went to start it, it seamed as if it did not want to "turn over" as if the battery was "low" but it did start. I noticed the clock was now set at 12:00. I drove to work and was parked for about 11 hours, came out to start my car and the battery seamed very low again. When I started the car, the interior lights dimmed and the sound it normally made when starting was "sluggish" ehh! I drove home and was parked for a few days and went to start it again, still is like the battery is low, but clock is keeping time. You can tell power is low as windows are slow to roll down, alarm horn honk is softer, my mother was admitted to the hospital so it was the only vehicle available at the time, I went to start it and same "signs & symptoms" but now as I went to turn the wheel to pull away from the curb, the power steering gave that good ol "Hello winding/grinding I'm low on fluid or going out" sound. I checked the fluid, and this car is hard to check, their is no dipstick, and a sponge in the reservoir, it has a max/min on the outside of an opaque plastic container. (Yes I am sure this is where the power steering fluid goes) it appeared full however I added a small amount (with leak stop additive in the fluid) turned the car back on, which seamed to have more battery power, and turned the wheel a few times and now �noises�. So my husband and I decided to drive to Kragen and have the battery tested, and it tested ok. My husband said when Kragen hooked up their machine, and they had him REV and hold the RPM�s at a specified duration of time, so we assume they were testing the recharging? Kragen said the battery is find, the posts needed to be cleaned lightly, but not much corrosion. We dove home. I drove to work this morning, sluggish start, low power again, but started, clock holding time. When I get to work, 7 miles away, and turn to pull into a stall where the power steering began to sing �Hello� again to me. I pulled in and let it set for about 9 hrs. I needed to go to the hospital, and get my car home, I had my husband come and make sure it was drivable, so we added more fluid to the car home, at work and at the hospital I noticed puddles, (it also appears the fluid I added may be on the ground infront of the house where I park as thier are not many spots on the ground, and they are fresh, same type of fluid) not colored, definitely not water or radi fluid, which is green I think. I would almost say dirty �clean looking oil� on a paper towel, pale yellow tint to it. My husband says he sees it dripping from the �rods� going to the tires. Would this be the Rack N Pinion he is describing? This was replaced in 2006 and the power steering pump was flushed. Any ideas what could be the ballpark culprit of this? Thank you for listening to my story. I always feel taken advantage of when I go to the shop and they say it needs this and that, when I really don�t have the extra for anything but necessities to get me 14 miles each day and stop at the store on the way home. Especially during rough times but they cant eat ya, just see ya coming. LOL

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Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 AT 3:49 AM

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