1994 Mercury



March, 16, 2006 AT 8:12 PM

My girlfriend drives a 1994 Mercury Topaz with about 44500 miles. Everything is fine about the car except for one really annoying problem: the driver's seat. Inexplicably, it does not work. It is stuck in an uncomfortable position and I do not know for how long. To my knowledge, the seat motor has been replaced, if not the entire seat, to no avail. All the wire harnesses under the seat are firmly connected. The seat runs on the same fuse as the windows and the seat belts, and they work just fine. When I use the seat contols, there is no response at all. No wirring sound or any twiching. Assuming that the seat and motor are fine, I can only expect that there is no power going to the seat. Is there a fuse, besides the one in the dash, that may need to be replaced? If not, can I wire the seat to the cigarette lighter? It seems like a wacky idea but there's got to be a solution.


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