99 Mystique Oil and lifters


I've a 99 Merc Mystique 4cyl, 123k miles that has had two timing belts replaced. Shortly after the last time, I was on the highway and the car started sputtering and loss of power and the lifters started knocking. I returned to the shop where they had done the last repair, they said that the oil dip stick had blown out (first time I'd ever seen this!) And soaked the plugs in oil. They replaced the plugs and sent me on my way. But the lifters still knock now. I also just returned after a week and my car started running horribly. The check engine light was on and the code read that cyl 2 was misfiring. I started at simple and replaced the plugs. But noticed that all the plugs are coated in oil. Alot of oil. 1) What needs to be replaced to fix the oil leak (best guess?) 2) What is the proper way of fixing the lifters. I am tired of hearing the "ticking". Any help would be appreciated.

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have the same problem?
Thursday, November 8th, 2007 AT 9:05 AM

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