CLK 550

2008 Mercedes Benz



May, 25, 2008 AT 9:25 PM

Electrical problem
2008 Other Mercedes Benz Models V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 6000 miles

My wife came home telling me her CLK 550 was possessed. I got in the car and the touch button start would not work, so I tried the key and after several attempts the car started. While trying to get the car started the lights would flash on and off and I received numerous malfunctions like SRS airbag, brake fluid low etc. I turned the radio on and it would play for 1/2 a second and turn offAlso, the drivers side window would not roll up. All of this occured while a whining noise occurred under the hood. I finally got the window up after pushing it several 100 times because my area expected rain.

Any ideas?


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