2000 Mercedes Benz C230 Vehicle Will Not Start Up =(

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2000 Mercedes Benz C230

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to try and get some advice or any possible opinions/suggestions on how to get my vehicle to start back up. I tried to jump start it with 3 different vehicles and 2 different jumper cables. There is battery power but it still will not start up. The lights on the dashboard all light up. Once I turn the key it clicks and then silence. My brother, friend, and I have tried to test all fuses in all three fuse boxes (had no idea I had 3 of them!). There was one fuse (Big orange 40 watt) and one relay of some sort. I went to two separate auto stores and brought 1 fuse (stores did not carry the relay that resembled mine). The fuse was the correct one but the top plastic part will not slide all the way through into the fitting of the fuse panel. The prongs fit but it gets stuck and won't slide all the way down. I failed to notice that the burnt fuse has slight grooves on each side! Tried to look in the manual inside the store and it was not helpful. I cannot find any type of diagram that will show me which fuse is used for what and where to find the ignition fuse. Can you help me. Possibly? Sorry if I did not explain anything mechanically corrrect.


PS. If I go to the dealership, think they would help me with this matter without charging me an arm and a leg?

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Friday, July 9th, 2010 AT 11:26 PM

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