1996 Mercedes Benz 320e CEL/OBD-II Code 1700

  • 1996 MERCEDES BENZ 320E

Transmission problem
1996 Mercedes Benz 320e 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

Check engine light on, OBD-II reader returns code P1700, but no description on the code other than it has something possibly to do with a solenoid in the automatic transmission.

The reader did return the following freeze-frame data:

RPM: 1664
Load: 43.9%
MAP Sensor: 52 KPa
Coolant Sensor: 107 degrees F
Fuel Trim 1: 8.0%
Fuel Trim 3: 100.6%
Vehicle Speed: 4 mph
Fuel Sys. 1: open
Fuel Sys. 2: n/a

Car seems to run fine and isn't displaying any rough running or rough shifting. I reset the light after checking it about a week ago to see if it re-triggered. Nothing for about 5 days or so, but it just came back on yesterday. Haven't checked it again (my code reader is on fritz, so I have to borrow one) but am assuming it's the same code again.

Possibly related: sometimes (seems to be in cold and/or wet weather) ignition won't fire on key turn until I hold the gear shift lever to the forward right (presumably disengaging the "start while in park only" switch).

Probably not related: high-beams have not be working for some time. Have isolated this to something other than the bulbs, probably the multi-switch on the steering column or an electrical relay somewhere. I've checked all fuses, but haven't been able to isolate the correct relay and/or check it (and replacement for what I think it is happens to be rather pricey!). If anyone has run across this particular problem and knows the probable fix, I'd love to have the input--thought I'd throw it in here in case for some strange reason there was a wide spread electrical problem relating all things.

Probably not related: backlights behind left-side dash (fuel level and engine temp guages) are not lit--likely burned out bulb(?).

Probably not related: slow oil leak, previously diagnosed by 3rd party as valve-cover gasket leak, but after my own investigation and looking around I think it may be the PCV valve(?). Leak seems to get worse under load and when car is hot, as well as some random times--usually warm weather. Very difficult to tell exactly where it's coming from; evidence of increase at times is due to it dripping down to exhaust and smoking--sometimes it's a lot worse than others.

My main concerns/questions:

1 - any thoughts/knowledge on the P1700 code and what, if anything, might be wrong? Is it truly the transmission? Fluid is fine and shifting is very smooth.

2 - as I am not experiencing any other evidence of problems with the engine or transmission, is there any obvious danger to the car to continue driving it with this code? Due to death in the family I may be needing to drive this vehicle 1200 miles round trip later this week.

Thanks in advance for all your help and thoughts!

Best regards,

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 AT 3:49 PM

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