1989 Mazda RX7 won't start

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Engine problem
1989 Mazda RX7 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

I have an 89 RX7, 13B Rotary, approx 160K miles. No known prior engine problems. (Trans is a different story)

Anyway. I drove the car 2 hours to work this morning. About 50% interstate driving. Speeds between 45 and 80. I got to work at 8am and it was running fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. 5 hours later it wouldn't start. At first I thought it was just because it was cold outside. (Ever since it started getting cold outside it's been hard to start) My second thought was that maybe I flooded it. The heavy gas smell from the tailpipes was where I got that idea.

BUT. I did get it to fire momentarily with the gas pedal pressed a little more than half way down. It ran very rough and at a low RPM for only about 2-3 seconds and then died. This happened numerous times.

After a while, I couldn't get it to fire anymore no matter what I tried.

So. My thoughts are.
Fuel Pump?
Fuel Filter?
Injectors? (I don't really think so)
Spark Plugs? (I'll be checking them tomorrow)
Something electronic?

I've heard of RX7s not wanting to start after sitting for a period of time. But 5 hours? What could have happened?

****NOTE : The engine did overheat 1 time when the thermostat neck blew out sitting at a stop light. That was remedied by the fabrication of a METAL water neck.
P.S. - Who's the genius that decided to make them out of plastic from 89-91?

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, December 25th, 2007 AT 12:11 AM

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