Mazda shakes on Idle

Mazda protege 2000 1.6L 116000km SE model. The car runs fine, gets great mileage and idles at about 750 rpm. However whenever I stop at a traffic light or in heavy traffic as soon as the car is completely stopped it will shake enough that you can see everything vibrating. Sometimes its worse than others and other times it sounds like you can hear tin cans vibrating. The car has a new battery a new water pump new alternator new plugs and wires new brakes and tires and new belts and new timing belt but I'm so lost as to what that shaking is?
Thanks for everything
Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, May 5th, 2007 AT 1:16 AM

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HI there,

I have a 98 MazdaF 12000 KMH Automatic lantis or Astina in some countries.

I know this wont help by telling you that I have been sufering from the same problem.

But I will tell what I have done to try to solve the problem.

I replaced the engine mounts because they were totally worn out, plugs, filters, oil.

Replacing the engine mounts helped a lot but still shaking then I decided to replace the new plugs because I started to disbelieve my mechanic after a caught him in a few lies.

I replace them with bosch plugs and then Ifelt a big difference while on park but it still shakes and it's not always the same, the shaking and it's even worse when I turn on the AC.

The one thing I havent tried is to replace the wire plugs and mayme also the cables that are connected to the Battery A friend of mine told me that it helped on his car.

I am still very frustrated because I have invested a lot of money and time triying to figure it out.

YOu know what I know this might sound crazy but
do you hav a delay when you put the gear on reverse
I was told to have the transmission cleaned up, maybe there isn't enough pressure in the transmission and it is causing the engine to shake and another last thing notice maybe that the car shakes when the fans turn on?

Well I hope I didn't get you all confuse but maybe you find the answear I let me know.

I know that Mazda cars shake as they get old because I looked for a long time for this particualr model and they all shaked a little.
Let me know if this helped you and maybe you can helpme too.

Was this
Friday, May 11th, 2007 AT 3:19 AM

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