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Noises problem
2002 Mazda Protege 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive 13000 miles

I have a question. My car is a 2002 mazda protege 5 with 130,000 miles on it. Recently, after a long road trip from Alaska to Oregon a clunking noise has developed in the front driver side wheel well. IT is more of a vibrating clunking noise as when I go over bumps, it doesn't just clunk once, but rather clunks in a " vibrating" matter until eventually it dampens out. I noticed the phenomenon especially when I go over a speed bump and I get a whole series of clunks. What gets me, is that the clunking goes away if I am driving over bumps while turning the wheel either left or right. In addition, I have noticed that when I am driving at around 2000 rpms (it's an automatic) I can hear an constant, oscillating noise that seems to correlate to my tire speed. This noise is ALSO coming from the driver side wheel well. I have driven over bumps with my brakes pressed and still get the noise and I have jacked the car up and tried to wiggle the wheel back and forth but found it to be as solid as the passenger side. One thing of note, I stuck my hand up in the boot of the strut and could feel a long rubber piece that I could move up and down the smooth shaft, but couldn't find this on the passenger side when it was jacked up.

any ideas? Thoughts?


displaced alaskan " Chris"

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 AT 7:15 PM

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