1999 Mazda Protege Check Engine Light

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 202,012 MILES
A month ago I had my car inspected. When I got it back from the dealership that evening my check engine light came on. Since it was Friday, I had to wait until Monday to call. The car's performance seemed fine over the weekend. Monday morning I filled the car up with gasoline at the local Getty in town, then called the dealership. They first asked if I didn't tighten the gas cap-to which I replied the problem began Friday evening, I did not put any fuel into the car until that morning. They advised to bring it in. Later they called to advise the problem was my catalytic onverter and I would need to have it replaced, they would need to order one as it isn't a stock item. I told them I would wait until I had enough money for the repair. The check engine light stayed on until I refilled the tank at a Cumberland Farms station using the mid grade gas, then it went off within 10 miles of refueling. I noticed the light stays off as long as the fuel doesn't get below a quarter tank. Then this week I filled again at the Getty station and my Check Engine light came back on and stayed on until I refueld-I allowed the gas to run down to nearly empty then filled at Hess using the mid grade fuel. Again, within 10 miles of topping off my tank the light went out again. Is there really a problem with my catalytic converter or is it a problem associated with the fuel grade which triggers a sensor? Please advise. Thank you, Erica
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Friday, December 4th, 2009 AT 12:02 PM

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Fuel grade wont trigger the issue. Hard to say if your catalytic convertor is bad or not. But it dont sound like that is causing your problem.

Best bet would be to get to a autozone and have them scan the code when the light is on and see what it throws. And post them back to me.

Or if you have a copy of the repair order estimate from the dealership they might have a copy of the code on it.
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Friday, December 4th, 2009 AT 2:59 PM

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