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2007 Other Mazda Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 6000 miles

Ok so here is the story from the beginning (cut & paste from mazda3forum. Com)

I have a black Mazda 3 GT. I was making a right today and someone coming straight from the left of me on the road I was turning onto had their blinker on and was slowing down. This told me they were turning onto the street I was turning off of. As I went to turn, they sped back up, turned their blinker off and flew by me. To avoid a crash, I pulled my car as far to the right as possible. This sent me into a 5-6" slanted ditch into the curb that was at the edge of the sidewalk (hard to explain but kind of where the storm drains are right under the sidewalk's curb). My wheels and bottom panel scraped up against the curb. This scratched my rims and ran hundreds of fine scratches all along the bottom directly under the doors (the 2-3" high panel that comes out right under the doors). They all mesh together and from a distance look like a giant scratch 1" thick. I am not to worried about the rims as that damage is minute. Problem is I have a lease. I am worried that if I take it to Mazda now (lease up in 2 years) to have it fixed, they will say that I'm going to get charged again on my lease. What should I do? Take it to a body shop like Maaco? How much will this cost? Is it going to be a good job so much that they won't even know? If I take it to Mazda, will they chew me out? What is my best course of action?

Thanks guys,

It seems that it will cost a lot of money to get that part painted. Is it more economical to just buy the replacement molding online somewhere? Would I get aftermarket or OEM? Is there a large difference? Will Mazda know being that I am on a lease? Thanks!

My new problem is I think I may be losing gas! Since that day, my Remaining Miles Meter has decreased exponentially with no comparison to my actual odometer. This is very odd. Let me explain. After filling up, my remaining miles was 294. It is now at 149 yet I have only driven 103 miles! This is really starting to scare me. I don't see any wetness under my car but I notice a drastic decrease after my car has been off for a long period of time. My remaining miles went down 10 miles while my car was off! Does the car actually have like a weight or volume sensor in the gas tank? Is there any way to definitively figure this out. My other problem is that I am clearly going to have to take this to Mazda to get fixed but I will first have to get the paint job done unless I let them in on it. If I pay Mazda to do it their way, can they still hold it against me on my lease? Please, can you advise me what to do about all this!

Thank you all for everything

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