1990 Other Mazda Models engine runs ok or poorly intermitten

  • 1990 MAZDA

1990 Other Mazda Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 200000 miles

I am close too an end on this one. This truck looked fine when I checked it out no oil or water in the wrong places drove well in town. (First gear jerks hard but I figured that was normal low gear thing on some vehicles I have driven)(could there of been additives in the fuel before I bought it that made it run cleaner. The first time bringing the truck home while I was turning around in the driveway the truck dropped a huge cloud of blue smoke!)(At this point I had put new fuel in it just before it smoked out the driveway.) My neighbor who does most of his repairs said it looked fine as well but was just as puzzled as I was about the smoke. Shortly after figuring out the brand new starter did not fix the starting problem. I found out the alternator(tested at autozone) had died and had trashed the battery along with it. After replacing with an used battery(still holds a good charge a used) and an used alternator(also tested at autozone Passed) Things were okay for a little while. Then I experienced times when it would refuse to cath or fire no matter how long I cranked it. It would start after several hours or a day. A local shop fixed a few minor things( sorry I cant remember what) on my b2200 mazda pickup fuel injected. It ran great for a whole night of delivering pizza and died the next night before I got too work. Took it back too same shop told them the same thing was wrong with it. The checked the regular stuff and requested $350 to take some parts off the engine and take a better look.(I believe they took of the air and fuel system an maybe the top cover I dont think they auctually took off the head itself) They did find a blockage in the air manifold and removed it. Once again the truck ran fine for a little while then dies as same before. This time they checked timing, injector pressure, ground wires etc. The technician who was one of the more tenored and experienced ones there(done very well for my mom and I vehicles over the years) said im giving up on your vehicle I dont know whats wrong and dont have any nore tests to do on it. He also mentioned I was getting wierd sparking issues like no spark or double spark intermittently. So I found a junlkyard with a coil, the two chips near it on the same mount bracket. The air intake airflow sensor which fits inside the air intake and the distributor(mechanically driven whole assembly)

other info

me and a friend did a compression check the result was 160, 140, 140, 145. This is a straight 4 cyl 2.2 Lfuel injected

also we checked the timing which he claims was 6 degrees off meaning it wass at 12 instead of the 6 which is printed on the sticker on the hood.

the seller mentioned the previous engine had over heated. So he found a 2.2 L fuel injected and installed it of which he claims is compatible with the year of the truck and has less thatn the 200k miles on the pickup(he did not say exactly how many nor where he got the engine from)

question the fact that this is a different engine as the seller claims does that mean the sticker on the inside of the hood is unreliable

question is the difference between the first and last three cyl a big problem small problem or not a problem

question what is the manufacture recommended engine compression for this vehicle granted that I expect it too be a little lower because of age.

question will a simple set of spark plug wires fix my spark problem.

question what are resistor wires,

question does my truck have any resistor wires

question what other possibilities have I overlooked or not tryed yet that can cause this problem

question does this soumd like an internal engine ( sticky or bad valves bad rings etc) or does this sound external such as electrical, resistor wires, vacuum lines bad ecm or computer etc.

I await and thank you for your reply.

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, March 8th, 2008 AT 5:30 PM

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