1991 Mazda MX6 Car drives 4 abit then idle revs high.

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  • 1991 MAZDA MX6

Engine Mechanical problem
1991 Mazda MX6 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic N/A miles

I've been repairing a mx6 and I replaced the water pump, thermostat, hoses to the cooling system after a few leaks, spark plugs, wires, and I'm still having issues. I go to drive down the street a ways & after the car warms up it struggles to stay running when idling & the rpms jump up to 2,000 and when I shut it off it won't start back up till the engine cools off. Please help me someone I'm at my wits end with this dang thing.

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Thursday, August 6th, 2009 AT 12:24 AM

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