1995 Mazda MX3 Overcooling

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Engine Cooling problem
1995 Mazda MX3 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 209402 miles

I have recently replaced thermostats 5 times, each from different places, 3 of them made the car cool too much so the temperature gauge never went above 1/4, one of them, which was a genuine mazda thermostat caused the car to overheat, and the most recent one I have put in the car will not move off the cold unless you are stopped with the car idling for more than 10 minutes, there was never a great deal of heat with any of these thermostats and was never any unless you were not moving, I have flushed the cooling system several times, there seems to be no blocks inside the engine, radiator, or heater core, both rad hoses heat up if the car is idling and get cold right after the car has been driven, it has been around -40 F/C where I live with the wind chill for the past week, unfortunately, this is not something that I can ignore for any amount of time at the moment, any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot

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Saturday, January 17th, 2009 AT 12:12 PM

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