1992 Mazda MX3



November, 1, 2008 AT 5:19 PM

Engine Cooling problem
1992 Mazda MX3 6 cyl Manual 135000 miles

I just purchased this mazda MX3 1992. I noticed a leak coming from the right side of the radiator (when standing in front facing the car) Is located behind the radiator, it looks like a small black plastic cup, it has a hose attach to the botton. This hose curves toward the radiator, this cup it looks like a one piece but it actually has like a lid with a metal cap on top attached to it. Is leaking right where the " lid" and the cup meet. I'm sorry I don't know anything about cars(except for a few basics)and this is the best I can describe it.I will appreciate very much if you can give an idea was is wrong and if you know the name of this part. I'm planning of taking it to a shop, before I do so I will like to have an idea if this will be a very costly repair. My experience has being that many time us females get overcharge.

Thank you.


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