Overheating of new engine.


I have a 2000 MX-5 Miata LD. I just had the original engine with 62,000 miles replaced at a dealer in N.C. After returning home to Florida, the engine overheated to the point of steaming. I had the car towed into the local dealer and informed them that coolant was leaking from behind the firewall, but not in the cab. They were also made aware that the engine was new. I received a call from the service department later in the day informing me that the thermostat was stuck open (yes open) and that has caused the engine to overheat. Of course, this was not covered under warranty. After getting the car back, I noticed the temp. Guage on high.
Turning on the heater lowered it slightly. I returned to my home. I put coolant in the radiator (there was none)
and it went right onto the garage floor. I had the car towed back to the dealership. A call the next morning
informed me that whoever had installed the engine had failed to properly tighten a hose clamp. They were adamant that this was not the problem when I originally brought the car in, that it was indeed the thermostat. Obviously, I have no confidence in being told the truth by this service dept. Or in their competence for that matter. I very much need to know what damage has been done to the new engine. Would I be reasonable and justified in demanding a new engine be installed. I want this addressed while the warranty is current. Thanks.

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 AT 1:50 PM

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