EGR valve blockoff


2000 Mazda Miata, 32000 miles, 1.8 liter.

For the above car, I had an EGR tube that came with a set of headers that broke. I am wanting to know what is the best way to block off this emission device. The tube runs from the headers to the back of the intake manifold, which is where the egr valve is located at. Tracking down the custom tube is near impossible, but I am wanting to know after blocking off the hole left from the egr tube on the headers, should the back of the intake manifold be blocked off or left open. Which will function better for my vehicle. I know the important thing right now is to fix the exhaust leak, as this can lead to vacuum line damage from the heat or insulation around wires to melt. So, should I block off the opening or leave the opening?

Do you
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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 AT 5:39 PM

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