1987 Mazda b2200



July, 3, 2008 AT 4:31 AM

Noises problem
1987 Mazda b2200 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 165320 miles

I have an 1987 Mazda SE-5, I just replaced the exhaust from the rear catalytic converter back (truck is equiped with 2 converters) but am having problems closing the leaks in the front. The exhaust manifold bolts to a catalytic converter, between them someone had placed a gasket there that had burned out. I replaced it with a Mr. Gasket 3" 3 bolt collector gasket which has since burned out in 3 weeks. Has anyone replaced this converter on a b2200, and have they ever heard of bolting the manifold to the converter without a gasket? If you purchase a new converter it shows no gasket at the inlet only the exit. After spending $220.00 for a new exhaust system I can't seem to get past that ragged noise from the leaks.


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