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I recently brought a old 84 model Mazada 626 that has had an engine swap to a 2.0L Ford Telstar motor(86 model we believe). I dont have any idea on the miles that it Telstar motor has done but the car has done 317 000 kilometers.(I live in australia)

The car starts first time, idles fine. However, the accelerating at full throtte is below average for a similar motor and fuel consumption is poor around 7 km/L. But the major problem is a few times now while accelerationg full throtte (coming on to highway, or up a hill) the car loses almost all power. Speed drops down to anywhere from 20km/h to 60km/h. There is no stalling, or coughing. The car feels like that it is trying to work at full throtte. But there is no power or acceleration. Then after a couple of minutes, (normally I pull over and let it idle for a while and then try to accelerate again) It just takes off like nothing is wrong.

< edit: I has done it twice now where I wasnt accelerating flat out. I was just accelerating slightly and it didnt accelerate. The car would hold the speed, but if I tried to accelerate, the speed and revs would just stay the same and it seemed like the motor was working flat-out (it is like I was going up a hill)>

We changed the fuel filter. After it did it the first time. Then it didnt do it for a while. But then it didnt it twice in a few days so we changed it again. It was alittle dirty, but the new time I drove it, it did it again.

We have checked the float level in the carburetor and it was fine. We are at a loss to what is causing this because it doesnt cough or stall, runs smoothly, starts first time.

We believe that is it unrelated but the Stop and Choke light sometimes flash on, but we believe this has to do with the alternator.

Monday, February 27th, 2006 AT 6:15 PM

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