Mazda 626 fuel pump!

  • 1962 MAZDA 626
I have a 97 mazda 626 with 53k miles. My wife recently purchased it from a ford/lincoln/chrysler/ : mazda dealership in june 05. Intermittently, the car would idle down and die. Sometimes it would start right up, other times you have to wait a while to restart it.

my wife took it back to the dealer she purchased it from (since other places the she took it to could not figure out the problem). Initially, the said it was the fuel pump. So they replaced that. We drove it less than an hour and it did the same thing. They looked at it again and concluded that the computer had killed the fuel pump. They replaced the computer. The service manager assured that the problem was fixed. About five minutes after driving it, the same thing happened. The service manager assured me that he would find out the problem.

he later found that a wire near the a/c unit was shortening out the pump once the wire got wet. He said this should resolve the problem. He said we could drive it for a few days to make sure everything was okay before paying for the service. The car runs fine (although it took them nearly 3 months to fix the problem).

The problem is that they are charging to replace the fuel pump (which was replaced by the previous owner of the car about 1-2 years ago). They are not charging for the computer or finding and correcting the shortage in the wire.

I told them that I'm willing to pay what it cost to have the car fixed but I don't want to pay for a fuel pump it that wasn't needed. The service mangar said that the fuel pump didn't test out during the diagnostic, so it needed to be replaced. He said that was caused by the wire shortage, not the computer-so that's why he didn't charge us for the computer.

The bill is about 900 dollars for the fuel pump. If the wire caused the fuel pump to go bad, why didn't the fuel pump go bad after the new one was installed and that wire shortage had not been found at that time?
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Saturday, January 7th, 2006 AT 9:36 AM

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I'd say pay the man, they could be charging for the computer and labor intensive finding the short too.
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Saturday, January 7th, 2006 AT 10:29 PM

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