1999 Mazda 626 DTC P1718

  • 1999 MAZDA 626
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 139,000 MILES
My overdrive light was blinking. I was told it was DTC P1718-Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit. What is required to repair this? Does it require a complete trans rebuild?
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Thursday, August 20th, 2009 AT 3:54 PM

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There is a technical bullten on your car for this, service as instructed here.
OD OFF LIGHT FLASHING AND DTC : P1783 / P1718 TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): CAT. 05, NO. 005/02 Related Ref Number(s): CAT. 05, NO. 005/02 ARTICLE BEGINNING APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS All 1998 -2001 626 4 cyl. With automatic transmission and VINs lower than 1YVGF22C*15237083 and 1YVGF22E*15237083. DESCRIPTION Some vehicles may exhibit an OD OFF light flashing with DTC P1783 / P1718 stored in memory after driving at highway speeds for extended periods. There may also be ATF leaking from the transmission vent tube onto the air cleaner box as well as intermittent hard shifting. These symptoms may be caused by operating conditions that cause the ATF temperature to exceed 135 degrees C (275 F). This concern is most likely to occur after extended periods of highway driving when air temperature exceeds 100 degrees F. Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Review customer concern. 2. Retrieve any DTCs stored in memory. If DTC P1783 / P1718 is present or customer complaint closely matches description above, proceed to External ATF Cooler Kit Installation procedure in this bulletin. If OD OFF light is flashing with a DTC other than P1783 / P1718, or the customer complaint does not match description above, continue diagnosing concern. EXTERNAL ATF COOLER KIT INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. 2. Remove left side splash shield. Press Ctrl+F to find exact text MAZDA: 1998 -2001 626 4 cyl. With automatic transmission and VINs lower than 1YVGF22C*15237083 and 1YVGF22E*15237083 SECTION: 05 - Transmission/Transaxle NOTE: The OD OFF light (indicating DTC P1783 / P1718) will no longer flash after the first key cycle, when the ATF temperature has dropped below the 135 degree C (275 F) level, which triggered the DTC.3. Remove front bumper cover and bumper. 4. Remove plastic seal plate at the left side of the bumper and replace with modified part from External ATF Cooler kit. 5. Drain engine coolant and remove radiator. 6. Temporarily install oil cooler into position at left front of vehicle. 7. Align mounting tabs on left side of cooler with existing mounting holes located on cross member center support for hood latch. See Fig. 1. Fig. 1: Cross Member Center Support 8. Install two (2) 6x25mm bolts and temporarily tighten. 9. Using a center punch, make a mark at the center of the two remaining mounting tab holes. 10. Remove two (2) 6x25mm bolts (installed in STEP 8) and oil cooler. 11. Using a 7mm (9/32") drill bit, drill 2 holes in the mounting locations marked in STEP 9. 12. To prevent rust, apply a small amount of silicone or anti corrosion to the holes. 13. Reinstall oil cooler. 14. Install lower right mounting bolt using backing nut with L shaped bracket by inserting the nut through the slot to the right of the mounting hole. See Fig. 2. Fig. 2: Installing Lower Right Mounting Bolt 15. Install upper right mounting bolt using one of the 6mm flange nuts. On 1998-99 model year vehicles, do not install the left side mounting bolt at this time. A longer 35mm bolt will be installed with the bumper cover in a later step. 16. Proceed to Oil Pipe Bracket Installation procedure. OIL PIPE BRACKET INSTALLATION 1. Remove lower left battery tray mounting bolt. 2. Position oil pipe mounting bracket so that mounting hole lines up over battery tray mounting hole and single large stud fits through hole in body on right side. See Fig. 3. NOTE: It is necessary to remove the bumper to gain access to the bracket installation hole according to: STEP 3 of the Oil Pipe Bracket Installation procedure in this bulletin. CAUTION: Radiator MUST be replaced with modified part from External ATF Cooler kit. Failure to replace radiator may result in transmission failure. NOTE: On 2000-01 model year vehicles, install the left side mounting tab to the center stay using a 25mm bolt. Fig. 3: Oil Pipe Mounting Bracket 3. Reach through opening at front of body to install one 8mm washer and nut. See Fig. 4. Fig. 4: 8mm Washer and Nut Installation 4. Proceed to Oil Pipe Assembly Installation procedure. OIL PIPE ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION 1. Install oil pipe assembly on mounting bracket and position them so that the longer section of the oil pipe is facing out through seal plate, towards front of vehicle. See Fig. 5. Fig. 5: Oil Pipe Assembly Installation 2. Install two (2) 6mm nuts. 3. Proceed to Radiator Installation procedure. RADIATOR INSTALLATION 1. Transfer original oil pipes, radiator hoses and fan assemblies that were previously removed, and connect them to the new radiator. 2. Install the entire assembly into the vehicle and connect the upper and lower oil cooler hoses to the engine. 3. Reconnect engine and A/C condenser fan harnesses and reinstall radiator mounts. 4. Connect hoses to oil cooler and secure hose to oil cooler using clip provided. Refer to Fig. 6. Fig. 6: Oil Cooler Hose 5. Connect hoses at engine compartment side of pipe assembly. 6. Connect hose from upper side of pipe assembly to ATF return pipe located next to the transmission oil pump. See Fig. 7. Fig. 7: ATF Return Pipe 7. Connect hose from lower side of pipe assembly to upper ATF pipe on radiator fan shroud. 8. Reconnect output side hose from front of transmission to lower ATF pipe on radiator fan shroud. 9. Reinstall bumper and bumper cover in reverse order of removal. WARNING: To avoid injury, be careful when inserting hand through opening in front of body. This area contains sharp edges. NOTE: Use new copper sealing washers on both sides of oil pipe banjo bolts. Page 3 of 410. Refill radiator with a mixture of coolant and water. 11. Reconnect negative batter cable and start engine. 12. Test drive vehicle and check for leaks. 13. Adjust ATF level at operating temperature at idle, to just above minimum mark on oil level gauge. 14. Verify repair. PART(S) INFORMATION PART(S) INFORMATION WARRANTY INFORMATION Warranty Type: A Symptom Code: 62 Damage Code: 96 Part Number Main Cause: SEE PART(S) INFORMATION Quantity: 1 Operation Number / Labor Hours: YY294XRX / 2.9 NOTE: On 1998-1999 vehicles, a bumper cover mounting tab must be installed over the left side cooler mounting tab at the hood latch support. Use a 6x35mm bolt with collar and washer behind it to allow bolt to be tightened without deforming bumper cover mounting tab. Refer to Fig. 8. Fig. 8: Collared Bolt and Washer Part Number Description Qty. Notes FWY1-19-90X External ATF Cooler Kit 1 1998-1999 626 FS AT FWY2-19-90X External ATF Cooler Kit 1 2000-2001 626 FS AT NOTE: This information applies to verified customer complaints on vehicles covered under normal warranty. Refer to the SRT microfiche for warranty term information.
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