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Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Mazda 626 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 104000 miles

How to line up Timing marks

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Install the camshaft sprocket, aligning the dowel with the number 1 mark.
Install the camshaft sprocket bolt. Hold the camshaft, on the cast hexagon, with the wrench and tighten the bolt to 35-48 ft. lbs. (47-65 Nm).
Install the crankshaft sprocket and key. Align the keyway with the timing mark on the oil pump housing.
Install the crankshaft sprocket bolt. Install the flywheel locking tool, if equipped with automatic transaxle, or place the shift lever in 4th gear and apply the parking brake, if equipped with manual transaxle. Tighten the bolt to 108-116 ft. lbs. (1-11 Nm).
Make sure the timing marks on the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets are still aligned.
Install the timing belt. If reusing the original timing belt, make sure it is installed in the same direction of rotation.
Turn the tensioner clockwise with an Allen wrench and install the tensioner spring. Remove the holding tool from between the camshaft sprockets.
Rotate the crankshaft 2 turns in the normal direction of rotation and align the timing marks. Make sure all marks are still correctly aligned.
Remove the crankshaft pulley bolt and install the timing belt covers.
Connect the negative battery cable.


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