2004 Mazda 6



March, 24, 2010 AT 6:25 PM

Suspension problem
2004 Mazda 6 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 86000 miles

I noticed a sort of a rubbing sound while driving and the sound would get worse if I was taking a curve mainly when I turn the wheel to the left. So I jacked the car up, I noticed a broken ball joint on the lower control arm, I replaced the ball joint, and I still have the same rubbing sound just not as bad as before, anyway I jacked the car up again and tool a look, and noticed that there was grease seeping out from the cv joint and it looks like the clamps are bad, because I only see the grease coming out from where the clamps are. So I was wondering before I start taking everything apart, do I need to replace the whole cv joint assembly or can I just repack the joint and replace the boots and clamps?


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