2006 Mazda 3 Jerking and stallling

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Engine Mechanical problem
2006 Mazda 3 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 90000 miles

2 years ago, whilst still under warranty I took my Mazda 3 back to the dealership complaining that when accelerating over 70 mph the car occasionally jerked quite violently or 'misfiired'. The on board computer recorded nothing. I complained several times with no success.
This problem has continued but has been very occasional.
No longer under warranty, 2 weeks ago my car went in to have brake pads replaced. The next day the jerking occured at 40 mph for the first time and started happening much more frequently. Again the dealership said there was no record on the computer.
Today the car jerked at 60 mph whilst accelerating and the revs went to 0, the car stalled. It would not restart fo 10 minutes. The engine light came on. The dealership says that the computer now has 3 errors and it will be a matter of trial and error to try and see what the cause and could get very expensive. Any suggestions as to the most likely cause of this annoying problem?

Do you
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Saturday, June 19th, 2010 AT 4:15 PM

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