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Warranty problem
2005 Mazda 3 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 30000 miles

Here is a conversation I had with my car dealer. I am not sure I fully understand their last response to me. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

If we performed an alignment when we installed 4 new tires yes, if alignment was done 2 months ago and we installed 4 new tires and alignment is off after installing new tires, more than likely not, due to the fact the only way we can tell if alignment is good is to perform alignment. Also if determined that alignment is good and now off after installing tires, it is more likely that tire/tires are bad………

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What about this. If the alignment is currently good (which it is) and immediately after the 4 new tires are installed the alignment is off. Would I be charged for an alignment?

I only ask you this because this type of incident in regards to the alignment being off happened to me before on a different vehicle right after a new 4 tire install.


Alignment coverage varies, due to the fact you could drive out of our dealership, be going down the road and hit a pothole and knock it out of alignment again, case by case. If you came back the next day and stated that the steering wheel is off or something to that affect, that is something that I would cover and perform another alignment.

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I just had an alignment done at your site several months ago. What are the details of coverage regarding your alignments?

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> The cost to mount and balance 4 tires is 89.95
> Then you should have an alignment which is 79.95

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