2001 Lincoln Town Car



November, 29, 2009 AT 1:23 PM

Suspension problem
2001 Lincoln Town Car

my rear passenger air suspension bag is not working. Can you replace just that one bag or do I have to purchase a brand new kit for both sides? And, could it also be only a sensor or the solenoid that needs to be replaced, and how would we figure that out with out spending too much money?

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December, 13, 2009 AT 12:00 AM

Check inside your trunk to see if the switch is "OFF". There should be a label near it that explains when it needs to be "OFF".

If it is the air bag leaking. I am almost positive you need to replace both. I hope i'm wrong.
That alone is "unavoidable" BIG $$ repair.
$400.00! Each.

I hope it is just the switch in the "OFF" position.
Good Luck; Rick

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