1994 Lincoln Town Car



December, 21, 2008 AT 1:15 PM

Electrical problem
1994 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 112000 miles

my front windows will not go up or down even though I can hear running when button is pushed. How do you remove panels and what can be wrong and possible fix


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December, 21, 2008 AT 6:00 PM

There are 3 plastic slugs in the window motor that fail.

You need to remove the inner door panel which is held in place by various clips and screws.

And partially disassemble the motor to replace the slugs.



December, 22, 2008 AT 5:22 AM

Thank you for answer, however you only gave part of answer as I know you have to remove inner panel with various screws and clips I found three visible screws one on each side and one at door release handle, however panel is still tight what is the process for removing panel



December, 22, 2008 AT 9:48 AM

I can not find a picture of where all of the fasteners are.
Normally there are screws securing the arm rest, the door pull you use to close the door, and around the door handle that you pull to unlatch the door.

Then the front, bottom, and rear of the panel are held to the door with plastic clips (sometimes they are metal).
A tool like this may help you keep from breaking the clips, but it's still likely as they are few years old and become brittle

The way I dig into a door for the first time.
I remove all of the screws that I can see.
Then, using my fingers along the bottom edge of the panel, start to pry it away from the door.
The clips are normally about 6inches away from each other.

Once the front, bottom and rear of the panel is free.
Gently pull it away from the door. You're looking to see if it's still attached by a hidden screw somewhere.

Once all the clips and screws are removed the panel is hanging along the top edge.
Most have a hook shape built into them.
So you push the panel towards the glass to release the hook and then pull the panel upward.

Unplug any electrical connectors and set the panel aside.

Remove the vapor barrier (it's a sheet of heavy brown paper or plastic.

Now you can stick your hands in the tight fitting places in the door.

When you get done, your hands will look like you've been in a cat fight from all the scratches.

I also want to mention that the pegs for the motor can be bought at most autopart stores in a package of 3 for about 5 bucks.

Good luck

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